What golf club to use for each shot

What golf club to use for each shot

Knowing the type of golf club to be used for each shot can sometimes be confusing for golfers because every club has a different shot limit, and beginners, this is where they find it hard to enjoy the game. 

Notwithstanding, there is an endless array of golf gear on the market, featuring everything from hybrid clubs to high-tech equipment, which can make it intimidating to even get started.

In this content, you will get to learn the best golf club to use for each shot, even when you are out of the green, including different ways of getting your shot. The first question to be asked here before proceeding is:

What good club do I need?

A beginner often asked, and getting a positive response can as well determine how far and how you expect you could carry on the game in the future. 

Some average golfers are found to have about 12 to 14 good clubs in their bag, but that doesn’t mean you have gotten them to your satisfaction. 

However, to answer the above question, an individual needs to consider this, think about how much they want to spend on a club, and check their skill level. 

Also, there is no need of gathering many clubs In your golf bag but fewer as you begin than experts who have lasted in the game.

In addition to that, as a beginner, you would likely want to add a driver, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, a 3-wood, a putter, and a 5, 7, and 9-iron to your bag.

As this is what to consider most when trying to convince yourself what type of golf club to use.

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What Golf Clubs to Use for Each Shot

To answer this question to your satisfaction, there are a few things to take into consideration, such as taking a proper check of your strength and ability and following these guidelines for your betterment in the game, as the golf club includes in it. One of these good clubs are

1. Driver 

This is almost the first club to be found in the golf game, and it is used for eating the ball off the tee. And with its feature that includes shape and design, the Driver helps to drive the ball into the distance towards the pin.

2. Pitching wedge

As a good golfer, this could also stand the chance of influencing what club you thought should help in a different shot. Now, once you make it within 120-150 yards of the green, you will mostly need this club to help you get the ball into the green and close the pin, as its role could be.

3. Sand wedge

Every golf game certainly has several bunkers, or sand pits, used in trapping the ball, and when you find yourself in a bunker, kindly use your sand wedge to get out. Make it smart including beginners.

4. Putter

As the name implies, a golfer needs to be careful learning about a putter, because this is the club you will need when you are on the green, so an individual needs to have full knowledge of it before using it. Again, avoid adding strokes to your score by putting the ball with precision into the hole in as few shots as you can.

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5. Fairways Woods

This kind of club has a funny feature, but it is likely to be so. in the sense that the larger the number, the shorter the distance you’re likely to hit the ball.

Just as when a golfer used 7-wood it should recall to such individuals, that your ability to hit the ball is at a popsicle range of about 90 to 170 yards, but that of a 3-wood will as well help you hit the ball to about 125 to 250 yards, as the difference goes.

Again, the club is used when you are in the fairway, and on another hand, it can also be used for hitting off the tee or when you’re in the rough.

6. Iron

Knowing what type of iron to buy should also be your concern when determining the type of golf club to use for each shot. Due to their quality difference, and the distance you could hit a ball with it.  Meanwhile, you used the iron to drive the ball further toward the green.

7. Hybrids

This is the one among all clubs that are hardly scarce in the golf bag of any golfer; it is a blend between an iron and a wood, and because of its ease of hitting, forgiveness,  and versatility, many golfers use it, including professionals. 

One of the best clubs to think of in terms of making your finding about the best club in golf clubs.  

You can also say that hybrid is well suited to be used by golfers who find it so difficult to hit their long iron, just as stated above, because its wider sole makes it easier for an average player to make excellent contact with the ball, and with its larger clubhead,

players feel more confident hitting the ball than when using the long iron, which is most often discouraging.

Therefore, it is also among the best golf clubs to consider when trying to determine the type of golf club for each shot.

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