Spy Snowboarding Helmet

Spy Snowboarding Helmet

The shapes, sizes, attributes, and types of snowboard helmets are made of different varieties, which is why they are of different brands. 

A protec helmet differs from a full-face helmet, so it has other elements. However, every snowboard helmet is designed for its use. 

On the other hand, the knowledge of a spy snowboard helmet is written down in this article though there might not be much on it, rather than the type and price while other related parts Helmet to be looked into. 

MIPS Helmet Technology?

It is believed that the purpose of creating a helmet for snowboarding is to protect the head while riding on the snow. 

The same became the reason why the MIPS helmet was introduced in the market in 2001, which seems to be much more technological and serves humanity better. 

Meanwhile, the abbreviation MIPS stands for multi-directional impact protection system. 

It gives the head and the neck a maximum amount of protection as well. It mimics the brain’s protective structure by reducing rotational forces caused by angled impacts to the head. 

The helmet’s shell and liner are separated by a low-friction layer, which allows the helmet to slide, noticeably reducing trauma to the brain in the case of oblique impacts. 

These angled impacts are considerably more common in action sports compared to the blunt-force impacts for which traditional helmets are typically tested.

How the MIPS helmet has had a greater impact on other helmet manufacturers

At the first introduction of the MIPS helmet in the market, the rate of it attracting wearers was low. 

One reason was that the MIPS layer was located in between the shell and liners; although this was more effective than standard helmets, this construct prevented the use of MIPS technology in in-mold construction helmets, 

the most common type of helmet construction method within action sports. But today, the set of instructions for locating the layer is between the liner and the user’s head. 

which now replaces the standard helmet, giving other helmet manufacturers the deal of increasing their helmet angle impact protection.

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Why briefly talk about MIPS helmets?

The reason for the emphasis on this is due to the Impact it has added to the helmet market, giving Snowboarders full confidence in its use. 

Even a spy snowboard helmet contains MIPS content, as seen in the Spy Sender Snow Helmet with MIPS Safety System. MIPS Patented Safety System Built In 3-Stage Adjustable Ventilation Removable Earpads, Integrated Goggle Lock, Compatible with All Snow Goggles, 

Adjustable Retention System for Further Size Customization With the name implying “spy,” this shows that it has no full covering but a point through which just your head is protected. Likewise other of its kinds come with the MIPS attributes but are made in a full face.

How many snowboarders wear helmets?

On the record, the percentage of those who wear snowboard helmets for the safety of their head and neck is estimated to be about 80% or more.

Other Snowboarding Helmet Options 

Types of spy snowboard helmets and prices

Though there is not much to be said concerning the spy snowboard as said before,   here is a list of the best spy snowboard helmets and their prices.

  1. Spy Marauder goggles 

It has six colors and is sold for $209.95.

  1. Spy Marauder Elite goggles

It has one color and is sold at a rate of $279. 95

  1. Spy lethargy SE goggles

has about 2 colors and are sold for $219.97.

  1. Spy woot goggles have five colors and are sold for $74.95
  2. Spy legacy goggles have four colors and are sold for $219.95
  3. Spy Ace Lens Goggles

has six colors and are sold for $129,95.

  1. Spy raider goggles come in 3 colors and are sold for $109.95.
  2. Spy Marshall Happy Lens Goggles have four colors and are sold for $129.95.

The above spy helmet can be bought or ordered online and delivered to you on your doorpost; just take a proper look at the type you would like and what you can afford. 

Yes, they all have a charming color, instead of looking at the color, consider the quality, and how it satisfies you and your life span.

Above all, always take a proper look at the shape of your head and, if possible, take measurements before paying. But take note: the introduction of the MIPS has changed the shape of many helmets, including the Spy.


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