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Sandbox snowboard helmet

Just as snowboarders seek to have the best helmet that protects their heads while snowboarding, it is best to know that the Sandbox snowboard helmet is counted among the best helmets any snowboarder would have for proper head protection while snowboarding. 

Moreover, right here is all the vital information about sandbox snowboarding. 

Sandbox snowboard helmets represent the perfect mix of style and functionality with unique attributes.

Sandbox Snowboarding helmet

The Sandbox snowboard helmet covers two models, the Classic and the Legend, and is among the best helmets in the market. The helmet is designed for style being the first to have featured a visor. 

On the other hand, the Legend model has a style that’s a bit more sober but just as efficient and stylish as the Classic.

This style includes the display of different color options and its functionality to cover the terrain, making your helmet choice easy and giving you a beautiful physical appearance as well as the protection of your head. 

However, you can achieve the best of the sandbox snowboard helmet by being either a classic or legendary type of person. As your choice can be.

While still in the classic model, the classic model’s minimalist design, patented ventilation system, and iconic brim certainly deliver a big dose of style without ever compromising on protection and functionality.

And have in it the attribute of a robust and impact-resistant ABS shell with an EPS liner that was tested to reduce the force of impact transmitted to the head in the event of a crash.

It is also designed to fit every human head shape and keep you warm and dry with a comfortable ventilation lining that comes in three good holes to wick away moisture and has removable earmuffs that you can keep on if it’s cold and remove if it’s hot. 

And others, such as a removable glasses bumper to adapt to the goggles’ various thickness levels and a removable goggle clip to keep your goggles securely attached to your helmet. And it also covers the expected function of a high-level snow helmet loaded with a lot of styles.

And as for the Legend helmet model of the sandbox, it is designed to protect while maintaining a low profile and an ultra-comfortable fit. 

Being more special than the classic model with its traditional feel. and include similar features, making it extremely comfortable, and able to adapt to temperature, including its capability to take impact in the event of a crash. 

With it, the tough ABS shell is combined with an EPS liner that has been examined to reduce the force of influence sent to the skull when you fall.

It has different sizes of paddle cushions where you can choose the thickness that fits you. It also provides all the necessary space for your goggles, beanie, neck warmer, or face mask to fit perfectly and never get in the way of your pleasure on the slopes.

It also features a comfortable, and breathable lining,  with 11 ventilation holes to wick moisture away in hot weather, and removable ear muffs that you can keep on if it’s cold and remove if it’s hot. 

It gives your head balance compared to the classic model and makes you feel like you are wearing a low-profile skate-style helmet.

The best snowboard helmet for men

History of the Sandbox snowboard helmet

The history behind the existence of sandbox snowboard helmets was credited to Kevin Sansalone when his local mountain, Whistler/Blackcomb, declared that helmets were becoming mandatory in the snowpark in 2007. 

He constructed the helmet as a way to place more value on head protection. He began with the development of the classic helmet brand, which contains a visor, as said.

This invention began to spread around the market, alongside the legend part of the development. 

However, Sandbox is a uniquely rider-owned company that has been developing rider-inspired products since it was founded and continues to develop as rider styles and outdoor sports evolve. 

Kelvin was able to come up with this helmet design type in 2004 in Whistler, Canada, before making it a reality.

The second choice of snowboarding helmet

The list of Sandbox snowboard helmets and prices

Below is the list of Sandbox snowboard helmets and their prices.

  1. Sandbox Classic 2.0 Black Snowboard Helmet cost $149.95
  2. Sandbox Classic 2.0 MIPS Black Camo Snowboard Helmet cost $199.95
  3. Sandbox Classic 2.0 White Snowboard Helmet cost $149.95
  4. Sandbox Classic 2.0 Dune Snowboard Helmet cost $149.95
  5. Sandbox Classic 2.0 Mr. Jago Black Snowboard Helmet cost $107.99
  6. Sandbox Classic 2.0 Black & Carbon Snowboard Helmet cost $84.99
  7. Sandbox Legend Putty Snowboard Helmet cost $84.99
  8. Sandbox 2.0 Night Garden Snowboard Helmet cost $84.99
  9. Sandbox Classic 2.0 Sheone Snowboard Helmet cost $107.99

Note: that they are all 25% off with the purchase of a skateboard or snowboard.

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