Pro-Tec snowboard helmet

ThePro-Tec snowboard helmet

One of the most important snowboarding equipment is the helmet. This is important because every snowboarder’s head needs to be protected against injuries while riding. 

This is the reason for discussing Pro-Tec helmet types. However, let’s look at the following subheadings to gain more understanding of the topic.

How to get the best snowboarding helmet

Getting the best snowboarding helmet is not far from following these steps: 

1. Measure your head size

While choosing the best helmets, always seem to measure your head, such as taking a soft measuring tape and wrapping it around your head about 1 inch above your eyebrows and ears. 

While some helmets are measured in centimeters, your head should be measured on the same measurement unit. For example, If the result from measuring your head is 56 cm, you should expect to wear a helmet with size 56 cm.

2. Try it on

After taking the measurements of your head over the helmet, you will need to try the helmet on your head to make the helmet feel snug.

In normal life, your choice of helmet should be able to fit into your head so that there is no space between it and your head. But not to the point of enduring pain from wearing a helmet that gives you pressure. This can lead to a head injury.

3. Shake test

The next step is to shake the helmet with your hand as it is placed on your head and to determine if it covers your head. Paraventure didn’t; there is always room for change. Don’t just go with an oversized helmet; it makes no difference from someone riding without a helmet. 

Make sure that the skin of your head moves with the helmet without the helmet shifting on its own. You can choose to buckle the helmet at this point if you wish, but it will not impact the fit of the actual helmet; just keep the helmet on your head.

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4. Double-check your fit

After the shake test follows double checking of your fit, which means that you are to repeat testing the helmet on your head to be sure it covers the head properly. 

This is how it works: if your head feels squeezed or doesn’t fit onto your head, then your helmet is too tight. You should be able to wear your helmet comfortably all day.

5. Go snowboarding and skiing

Once you are through with the above steps in getting the best snowboard helmet, you can as well carry on snowboarding or skiing activities.

Why is a helmet used while snowboarding?

The most sensitive part of the body is the head, and to protect it from being injured, a snowboarder has to make use of a helmet to avoid having their head injured during sport.

Aside from getting injured, helmets are often categorized by seasonality based on their features. Likewise, Helmets for skiing and snowboarding are designed for cold weather, keep your head warm and comfortable, work with goggles, and are certified to protect you.

Even though skiers or snowboarders fall and sustain injuries, they won’t be as serious as when they fall with their heads open. 

in the sense that a helmet reduces the risk of skiing and snowboard-related head injuries by 60 percent. So making use of the Protec snowboard helmet became one of the best options, as it has all it takes to protect its wearer from injury, and because of this, it is freely shipped in the United States.

Pro-Tec snowboard helmet

A protec snowboarding helmet is a snowboarding helmet that helps snowboarders perform their snowboarding activities effectively.

Pro-Tec snowboard helmets have been the most recognized snowboard helmet brand for skating, biking, and water sports as well as being good for snowboarding, right from their date of invention in 1973. 

The Protec snowboard helmet is made with a dense shell to protect your noggin, while the Classic Snow Helmet features an impact liner to cushion your dome in a fall and removable and washable pads. Don’t settle for just any helmet; ride in style with the protection you need.

There are some other snowboarding helmets in addition to this, but for the sake of the topic, we must focus on just the Protec snowboard helmet. 

Some of these Protec snowboard helmets are listed below with their prices:

  1. Pro-Tec Full Cut Certified Snowboard Helmet=$84.95
  2. Pro-Tec Riot Snowboard Helmet2 Color= $129.95
  3. Pro-Tec Classic Snowboard Helmet2 Color= $64.95
  4. Pro-Tec Old School With Mips Snowboard Helmet =$69.97
  5. Pro-Tec Full Cut Snowboard Helmet=$59.47 

In conclusion, this is a small portion of the protective snowboard helmet provided for your check, so, therefore, it is necessary to visit our site for more information on this even as we update you.


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