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Is white fang a good skateboard brand 

Is white fang and a good skateboard brand

White Fang is a skateboard brand that was started by professional skateboarders. The brand is known for its high-quality decks and components.

White Fang decks are made from maple, which is a strong and durable wood. The brand also uses other high-quality materials, like carbon fiber, to make its decks. White Fang decks are also designed to be easy to grip and turn.

WhiteFang Skateboard Review: The Good and Bad

The Whitefang skateboard is an excellent board for beginners or those needing a spare skateboard. When you have more experience skateboarding, you can certainly surpass that. It was an amazing amount of money at this point.

Is it worth continuing this sport?

Skateboarding isn’t easy but can be costly if you start. Particularly for those who buy professional equipment.


  • It is a durable Canadian maple deck that gives the adequate balance
  • Desirable for the beginners and the skilled skateboarders
  • It helps the beginners to learn new tricks rapidly
  • A lot of colors and cool design choices


  • It comes with a loose truck [can be repaired by obtaining harder bushings]
  • The bearings are not the best [It has a nice price]

Features Of A Great Complete White Fang Skateboard

We have so many components which are the bearings, bushings, and wheels that can be boosted to make it more satisfying when riding. Not only that, but we have some others we should also talk about.


  • Skateboard wheels 
  • No assembly required
  • 5″ magnesium alloys trucks 
  • 7 piles of maple wood
  • ABEC 9 bearing
  • 52mm, 95A high rebound polyurethane 

The white fang complete is 7.88″ wide, which makes it great from the starting point for novices, well it might be on the thinner end, but this does make it twist the board when trying to flip a trick.

WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners

If you are just starting, it will be good to learn how to ride on a skateboard first before buying any. Choosing the best skateboards for beginners, and choosing to whitefang will be incredible, the few skateboard reviews with an acceptable price.

The white fang skateboards for kids became very famous in a short period due to their components and the adequate rate falls in the level of skateboarding under $50.

The materials produced by white fang are top excellence with good reliable assurance. The large size of skateboards offers you a touch of more stability while short boards deliver more maneuverability. The skateboard design is moreover eye – catching for a good 8-year-old skateboard.

Their seven-layer concave maple skateboard can also be a good selling option within the middle of the skateboard’s cost range. And this skateboard is big enough for an amateur that just wants to replace a player during this game but its design and pattern are extraordinarily related to some other kind of skateboard.

Whitefang: Truck 

The complete white fang skateboards are created with 5″ magnesium alloy trucks that are acceptable for both beginners and experts in skateboarding.

We have some skaters that have noted that the board comes with loose trucks, well that is not a problem to think a lot about, you can easily swap them out for various pair or you can just tighten it.

If you did not have another set of trucks to substitute, you can purchase a harder bushing and do the swapping.

White Fang: Wheels

White Fang wheels are 52mm, 95A high rebound polyurethane, and can run steady and silent. The wheels are ideal for commuting, skate parks, ramps, swimming pools, and some other plain surfaces as well as rough surfaces.

Before getting on the board for a ride, you have to make sure the trucks are very tight so that you do not get wheel bite. You can also solve this by differing the bushings for harder ones and tightening the kingpin till the truck feels right.

White Fang: Bearing 

The skateboard comes with equipped ABEC-9 precision bearings. This skate also has good and bad reviews about the excellence of the bearing from the skate rider. Well, the bearing quality is not the best, but they are very good for that cost range.

White Fang: Deck

The White Fang boards are built with 7 plies of Canadian maple, which have a good combination of pressure and hardness.

The skateboard deck length is 32.75″, and its width is 7.88″. It supports up to 330 pounds, which is very far from other skate decks. Although if you want to perform a flip or related trick, it is recommended that it is smaller [less than 250 pounds]. The deck is made in many different nice designs to choose from.

Verdict: White Fang

The skateboard produced by White Fang is much better than other brands, to begin with. In the White Fang review, we have highlighted the good and bad elements that you should get to know before purchasing it. However we have several problems with the trucks and bearing, they can be fixed by obtaining harder bushing or changing them for another set of trucks.

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