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How to snowboard for beginners

Hi welcome, in this article you are going to learn some things you need to know about snowboarding as for a beginner in snowboarding

With the American Association of snowboarding instructor, I will be showing you some things you can do on your snowboard to have an achievement out there

First Time Trying It Out

If it is your first time out there that you have tried it out or you have been out there a few periods so that you can get a good move on your snowboard and have a great moment 

In this article, we are going to go through some basic progression on how to snowboard starting with a good flat ground 

Just getting comfortable with the gear and up to start to connect our turns and getting around with the inn

If you have not seen how to strap into your snowboard yet, please check another article on this site or another website to get well with that 

So now that we have strapped in and on smooth ground, now we can start to think about our snowboard posture or stance 

Stance And Posture 

A good snowboard stance or posture is very similar to any athletic stance where our ankles, knee, and hip are all in line and nicely relaxed and standing right in line with your snowboard

At this stage, you will now be able to see how everything get a bit lower and pretty relaxed and not too much aggressive, you just have to be calm 

Starting Point With Flat Ground 

All you have to do now is to find a good flat ground where your snowboarding will not be moving all around, strap both feet in, and while you there 

All your goal now is to just begin moving with your two feet in without feeling that you are going to slide away 

And now feel what is like to have a snowboard on your feet for the first time, so you just have to wiggle around and jump a little bit to get moving 

How to skate with the board

Alright, now that you have both feet on the snowboard and you have started to feel comfortable with it

It is now the time to take one foot out and we will learn how to skate, if you are not sure which foot to take out, I will just recommend you to take out the one you will feel comfortable with 

Which will be your back foot, you can either start with your front foot or your back foot, just the one you will feel more pleased with

I like to stand behind my snowboard because it keeps my body nice and also in line, you can either start with simple steps

And make sure your back foot did not go too far past your back binding, else you might start to do some unexpected splits

Practice the behind and in front, with good practice, you will surely get around people if you are standing in find elevator line

Or where ever you need to go when you are out on the snow, it is also good to put a little weight on the front foot and start to balance on it 

Once that feels good, you can start to glide, which is when you put your back foot, right up against the binding and coast 

Now that you have practiced and learned the comfortable way on the flat ground, it is time to take it to a little bit of slope

How To Pick A Terrain 

So when picking out a good terrain for this, all you got to focus on is that your slope will naturally stop you

It is might be flat at your end, so you do not have to worry, about getting yourself stopped on snowboarding 

It is natural to do that, so for this, just like you are going to a flat surface, you are going to point your board right down to the fall line

The fall line is where the slope is, it naturally going to pull you down, to where gravity is going to take you and you will put your back foot right up against the binding again

Sink into the nice snowboard stance and look at where you are going, until you came to stop, just make sure that your practices this quite a bit

So that this can feel more comfortable if it is your first time, it might be a little bit scary but just start a little bit lower down as you do not have so much speed 

As you get more comfortable, you might work your way up a little bit

When practicing the straight glide, this is your best time to reinforce your stance, just make sure you are standing in a line with your board

And is going to set up the success later on, so alright now that we have gotten comfortable driving straight to stop

Now that you have got to start shaping your board, and starting to turn it a little bit, this is what we call a J-TURN, and you can do it both heels and toe, 

But we going to start with the heel side,  what I mean by the heel side is that you are going to be turning toward the heel side of the snowboard 

Things To Know About Snowboarding

  • Stance¬†

Find your stance, before you get excited about snowboarding, you will need to find the stance you are better with 

There are two types of stance 

  • Regular stance, with your left leg

  • Goofy stance, with your right leg¬†

Regular stance is when you use your left leg to lead on snowboarding, which is considered to be a regular stance 

Goofy stance is when you use your right leg to lead while snowboarding, which is considered to be a goofy stance 

You should consider thinking about the leg you are going to use to lead on your snowboard before putting on your pant 

  • The Right Gear to wear¬†

Being safe while on your snowboard session you might want to wear the best shielding gear that will help you protect yourself from any wounds that may occur when you are on a snowboard

  • Helmet¬†
  • A snowboard that matches your stance¬†
  • A good pair of the snowboard boot¬†
  • Google and sunglasses
  • Bindings to attach the board to your feet¬†
  • Wristguard¬†

Wearing The Proper Cloth

Most of the time, snowboarding take place at a time when it is cold, you should build up yourself with a good sufficient cold-weather gear 

  • Getting a nice warm hat that will cover your head and your ears that will help you keep warming¬†


  • Wear a kind of thermal socks and underwear¬†


  • Get yourself a warm jacket while other snowboarders prefer a down jacket¬†


  • A scarf and gaiter that can help you keep your neck warm¬†


  • Snowboard pants that can keep you warm and for steam resistant


  • Wearing a layer cloth that can keep you warm¬†

The right snow to go on 

It is not all snow that is kind of adequate for snowboarding, in our research, some snow is kind of dangerous to go snowboarding on it

If you are kind of a beginner in snowboarding, you might want to check the weather and snow forecasts to make sure you are practicing on the optimal type of snow

  • ¬†It will be difficult to practice on frozen and icy snow, this kind of snow will have some layer of ice that is hard and compacted related to the idea of powdery snow¬†
  • Fresh powdery snow is the ideal type for a novice to take practice on, definitely, the snow will be loose and not compacted, it will easily be moving under your snowboard
  • Make sure to check the forecasts for the slopes that you are planning to visit¬†

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