How to make a gas club golf cart faster

How to make a gas club golf cart faster

Are you a novice that lacks to make a gas club car golf cart faster? I have your preferred answer with me and expect you to also enjoy the fact.

A lot of golfers have wished to make their gas-powered golf carts faster, just like a normal car, but find it difficult to make it possible. In return turn out to be a frustrating effort. 

Although, the good condition of your cart is very important; when the condition looks bad, no turning will increase its speed. 

So you have to Check the steering, suspensions, and brakes to ensure they are all in good shape. With this, you are good to go. 

Below is the preferred way you can make your Gas Club Car golf cart faster:

1. Installing a battery with a higher capacity 

installing a battery with a higher capacity is one of the easiest ways to fasten your gas club car cart, which is done by checking the voltage of your current battery, printed on the battery case.

At the same time, check your golf meter level, this shows the rate at which you are to increase the voltage, especially when it is lower than expected.

The supposed maximum voltage of the battery is 48 volts. Also, make sure you check the battery’s water level before purchasing. 

This has a very important part to play in making your cart run as you desire. In such a way you will love, a battery with a higher water level will last longer than one with a lower water level.

2. Upgrade Your Gas Club Car Golf Cart Motor

Every good club car cart has a torque, increasing this torque by using a large motor, will also help in moving the cart faster.

Doing this provides you with the chance to travel more quickly and to maintain your weight.  With all due respect, it is possible to base your on the level of your battery power, therefore, make sure to upgrade your battery level.

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3. Get a New Speed Controller

The function of the speed controller is never underestimated; it functions by regulating the electric output of the cart’s motor, and a higher voltage equals a higher RPM, which means more speed.

And if your speed controller isn’t giving you the speed you desire, then make a change, as well as maintain the cart voltage to ensure that the cart isn’t overloaded.

Also increase the MPH of the motor to cause torque to increase, giving you more speed at a reduced voltage. You get to save battery life while getting your desired speed.

4. Adjust your Club Car’s Governor

In common knowledge, a golf cart is designed to go 12–14 MPH, which is discouraging because it tends to slow the movement. 

Adjusting your club car governor is the best way to resolve this problem. How then can you do it? Paraventure your gas club car golf cart is installed internally governor; open the golf cart engine access panel.

There you can find the governor by tracing the thickest cable running from the gas paddle. At the cable stands, the governor will be located first before moving to the carburetor. Then loosen the tension on your governor spring to increase your golf cart speed.

Another is the function of the externally controlled governor, which makes use of a tiny metal rod located close to the golf cart’s clutch to adjust the connected cable.

Simply turn the nut counterclockwise. This will make the cable longer and increase your cart’s speed.

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5. Increase tire size

You may be scared to do this, but it is one of the easier ways to make the gas club car golf cart run faster. By reducing the air in its tire, giving your tire a smaller diameter. The reduction should not exceed the manufacturer’s recommendation.

And for the use of a bigger tire, contends to increase your speed, at the same time reduce your low-end torque since more power to pull larger tires than smaller ones is required. This then described the disadvantage of installing a bigger tire.

6. Upgrade your clutch

Another aspect of making your gas club car golf cart faster is upgrading your clutch. This is because a golf cart’s clutch engages the motor and disengages it at a certain RPM. 

When the clutch is upgraded, it helps engage your motor at higher RPMs. Becoming one of the best ways of increasing your gas mileage on your club car golf cart is by changing the motor.

7. Add a Cold Air Intake to Your Gas Club Car Golf Cart

The result gotten from this action above is the allowance of more air into your engine by the cold air intake, which could cause more fuel to be burned. In addition, increase the speed and proper performance of the cart. 

Cold air intake is essential for golf carts, which are often used at high speeds on tough terrain. Aside from all this, once this is done, it helps in ensuring that your engine isn’t dangerous when used at high speeds. Above all, it is simply the changing of the vent.

What is a club car golf cart?

In describing a club car golf cart, this has to do with the use of what could power it, either the use of gas or electric power as it is designed.

The gas or electric club car golf cart is a personal vehicle that offers top-notch quality and unparalleled versatility. 

By fusing automotive-quality materials with dynamic power options and sleek designs, each PTV delivers on your expectations in the golf cart industry.

In conclusion, the above option is the best way of making your gas club car golf cart faster.

You can as well drop your comment where necessary, and please add your contribution. To help know your test of satisfaction.

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