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How to break 80 in golf 

How to break 80 in golf 

Between 2% and five percent of golfers around the world can break the 80 mark. If you can break 80 on the golf course, it’s safe to say you’re among the elite.

However, aiming to reach the age of 80 is not an easy task. It’s not easy to achieve, however, it is not impossible.

It’s not going to be a quick process. If you’re aiming for this in your game plan We’ll assume that you’ve been playing golf for many years.

This advice is for players who take their game seriously and have a lot of years of experience.

Before you decide to make the 80th hole your goal on the golf course, we suggest you have a handicap of 15 or less and that you can consistently hit the mid-80s, and, of course, that you’re willing to put in the time to practice.

The four tips to break 80 in golf

The process of breaking 80 isn’t easy but with these tricks, you’ll be able to do it. Keep your cool, remain committed to your sport, and don’t be discouraged.

  • Eliminate Penalty Strokes – Keep Your Ball In Play

Are you looking to know how to break 80 on golf? The first lesson is that it’s not a good idea to waste strokes.

It is believed that the guidelines of the game clarify three primary scenarios where penalty strokes can be used. The hazards (penalty locations), out of bounds as well as the “unplayable lie”.


The hazards (penalty regions) or “unplayable lies” will typically cost you one penalty stroke.

When you shoot beyond the boundaries you will be rewarded with “stroke and distance”, which amounts to 2 penalty strokes.

Incorporating strokes into your score without hitting the ball can damage the scorecard and may impede the momentum of an enjoyable round.

If you are consistently hit with penalty strokes whenever you play you may require improvement in your decisions.

Learn to know when you should be active and when to play with a sense of. Also, you can improve the quality of the management of your course.

  • Tighten Up Your Short Game

The golfers and professionals save strokes playing the short games they play. Every time you hit “up and down” or 1-putt, you’re saving strokes.

If you want to learn how to break 80 in golf, you need to turn your short game into a weapon.

Do you track your stats when you play? How many putts do you average per round?

Breaking 80 is nearly impossible with 36+ putts. Work to push this number down closer to 30.

Of course, putting is only one piece of your short game. Chipping and bunker play are also critical to your success.

The best way to improve your putting stats is to chip the ball closer to the hole. We are fairly certain that you make more 2-foot putts than 15-foot putts!

  • Learn To Play Your Misses

“Dr. Bob Rotella wrote a book called ” Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect” which is a perfect description of your desire to discover how to break the 80 mark in golf.

Breaking 80 doesn’t mean hitting amazing shots constantly. The most important thing is to hit your misses.

The bad drives you make result in rough, instead of being over the line (OB). You may be able to avoid par by avoiding rough, but you will be making at the very least double bogey if you miss your drive that is out of bounds.

Your poor iron shots are close to the green instead of entering the trap of sand deep. Your poor putts end up 1 foot short instead of running 10 feet further. These are the ways you can take advantage of your missed shots.

The art of breaking the 80 mark in golf all comes down to keeping your wild shots smaller and less random.

  • Save Bogeys

A common misnomer amongst amateur golfers. To break the 80 mark, you must hit more birdies. False.

Sure, birds can be helpful and help in avoiding other mistakes however, you don’t require them aren’t necessary.

Let’s look at the figures. The standard golf course is par 72. If you hit +7 you will break the 80 (79).

This means you’ll only have to play par 11 holes (61 percent) + you can play seven “bad” holes as long as you don’t make Bogeys.

The art of breaking the 80 mark in golf is not so much about achieving fewer low scores and more about putting together fewer large numbers.

Double bogeys or triple bogeys can kill your round when you try to break the 80.

What’s the best method to avoid bogeys, It’s all about managing your course and being clever. Let’s look at some examples.

Imagine you drive into the forest. You have two choices. Try to drive it toward the green, or return it to the fairway.

The punch shot can help you save par, however, it can be risky and result in the risk of a double bogey, or even worse.

If you take a chip into the fairway you can easily make a bogey.

You are struggling on a hole and you are standing on an uneasy 25-foot putt to make par. It is possible to be aggressive and put it in the 3-hole range or even lag it near the hole to make a simple par.

Make sure you are taking your medication. The art of breaking 80 on the golf course can be just as simple as being content even if you’re making a mistake and a bogey.

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Knowing the distance as accurately as is possible

It is of vital importance, that it must be among the very first things golfers learn when they are learning how to hit the golf ball.

I didn’t think I would need a rangefinder or GPS golf gadget until I was given one. I began to wonder why I fought for so long without one!

For this part, the use of a distance-measurement device is not negotiable. I have the Bushnell V3 Tour and Bushnell V4 Tour rangefinder to show me the distances between pins, hazards, and obstacles. I also use the GolfShot application that I have on my Android as well as Apple smartphones (yes they both have them!) to keep track of my distances for each golf club. It is possible to do this by tracking my distances and measuring them with a GPS golf watch, but I prefer using my phone since I’m not one to wear any jewelry.

It is simple to track your distances and all you need to do is tell the smartphone or watch to start measuring your distance at a particular point and then tell it to stop when you’ve reached the ball. Then, you save it and tell it what club it was, and your device will save the data for you automatically.

The only issue is that it’s an ache in the back to keep track of each shot, but when you practice it consistently for a couple of rounds, you’ll be able to get an excellent grasp of your game.

So, if you’re using a rangefinder to provide you with the exact distances to hazards and pins you will have an exact measurement to be able to match the distance you’ve already recorded for every club! You’ll feel a sense of confidence and determination once you’ve mastered the game so well.

It’s my top advice in this entire guide. A rangefinder and GPS are one of the best investments you’ll make to your game!

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How hard is it to break 80 in golf 

Having 80 marks in golf might seem hard to you and mostly the amateur in golf because the stage of getting there is a long process to take, those people that is having 80 marks upward in golf today, started their journey somewhere back then,

it is time to set a goal of having 80 marks or upward today, or don’t let me say it, you know what I mean, I am not discouraging you, because golf game is a game of consistent, you have to have the mind of not giving up, till the day you see yourself in the success stage.


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