How to bend golf club lie angle at home

How to bend golf club lie angle at home

The beauty of a golf club is successful golfing by any golfer, especially when they know about applying different tactics while playing the club. Starting from the way you have positioned yourself and to the point of bending the golf club lies angle at home, 

Nevertheless, this content has all you need to know about bending your golf club angle at home. 

Before proceeding, understanding what the lie angle of a golf club means, is paramount important.

What is a golf club?

The lie angle is a tactic measurement formed between the center of the shaft and the sole of a club head when the club is measured in its normal playing position with the center of the sole touching the ground. 

This best explains what you should keep in mind as you scroll down for more information on how to bend golf club lie angle at home.

Why the lie angle on golf shots?

Speaking of this is to demonstrate or discuss the impact, and reasons for the lie angle on a golf shot. 

Making this possible on your golf shot requires you to make sure your lie angle is appropriate for your game, including your wing and body.

Failure to do this, you will be exposed to any adverse circumstances.

Mostly when using the incorrect lie angle for your club. That can result in either of the following push and pull effects, as well as other negative factors.

Furthermore, the lie angle is ideal for a golfer if the sole arrives at the impact parallel to the ground.

What terms are used to describe the process of fitting a golfer in a lie angle?

There are only three terms used in fitting golfers for lie angles, and these are:

  • Standard lie angle: this has to do with the proper design of the off-shaft good club.


  • Flat lie angle: a lie angle that is lower than the standard lie angle (a 62-degree lie angle on a 9-iron is flatter than the standard 9-iron lie angle of around 64 degrees).


  • Upright lie angle: In comparison to the “higher lie angle,” where the lie angle that is higher than the standard lie angle (a 66-degree lie angle on a 9-iron is more upright than the standard 9-iron lie angle of around 64 degrees),

Having successfully navigated through some sections related to the lie angle, we will now read through the purpose or main reason for the content.

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How to bend golf club lie angle at home

The steps for doing this as a good golfer are outlined below. And for you to do that successfully, you will need a lie and loft machine. This will help you measure your club and bend your machine well. 

Purchasing the machine is not far from a golf club repair shop or a golf club part manufacturer. 

Again, every bend in your test is determined by the type of machine you purchase. Meanwhile, the steps to bend a golf club at home are:

  • Invest in a club set machine.

This has to do with your ability to set up the club squarely in the golf club lies and loft machine. Placing the golf club in the proper place matters.

For instance, if you fail to start from a perfectly square angle, all of your lie adjustments will not be based on a square. And at this point, it is referred to as a “bad adjustment,” which will create much work for you even though you tend to make some corrections as they are possible.

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  • Measure the lie angle.

This step is the continuation of what you have to do once you have properly placed the club set on the right machine. There is a need for you to measure the lie angle.

which may or may not produce the desired result depending on the club used calling for a reason to properly research the club in your golf bag. Also, have it in mind to make your adjustments. 

Aside from that, if you need to be one-degree upright from a standard, make sure that you measure from a standard.

  • Bend the club with the bending bar

After a proper measurement of the lie angle, the next step is to bend the club with a bending bar, which comes with the loft and lie machines. 

At the same time, the bending bar allows you to adjust your club’s lie angle. And getting the lie angle to bend required applying pressure to the bar against the hosel.

It will also take a little of your strength as you do it. However, if you find that simply pushing on the bar is insufficient to change the lie angle, you can push with slight bumps of your hand to get it to move.

And in a place where you want to take the process gradually, you need to avoid pushing too hard on the golf to not change the lie angle needed. Note that the golf club lie angle usually needs to be adjusted by about a degree or two.

  • Take another measurement of the lie angle.

This can be a recheck of the lie angle position to maintain a consistent lie angle across all of your good iron. 

And if you have set the lie angle for a golf iron at one degree upright, you should do this for all of your irons. 

Though its bit is a little time-consuming but will as well save you money and some stress.


Getting your golf club lie angle bent perfectly will cause you much or less money, depending on where you went to get it done.

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