How to Apply for South Africa Visa Dubai in 2023

The United Arab Emirates is an excellent choice for your
next holiday. To explore, the country has stunning beaches, futuristic museums,
and rich culture. 

To enjoy this trip, South African passport holders must
first apply for a UAE visa. Fortunately, South Africa is one of the countries
that can apply for a Tourist eVisa.

With our online visa services, you may apply for a UAE visa
in a matter of minutes. iVisa conducts the legwork so you can focus on
organizing your vacation to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Let’s take a look at everything you’ll need to apply for a South Africa Visa Dubai online as a South African passport holder!

What is the UAE Visa for South Africans?

south africa visa dubai

The UAE tourist visa is an official travel permit that
allows visitors to apply for visas to visit the nation online. This visa allows
you to visit the UAE, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi, for short tourism or
business excursions. 

It is a Single Entry visa, so keep that in mind. It must
be used within 60 days of being issued and is good for stays of up to 30 days

This legitimate visa, which differs from conventional ones
in that it is totally issued electronically, enables South Africans to submit
their UAE visa applications from any location. 

Without ever having to set foot
inside an embassy or consulate in the UAE, the entire process is completed
online, and you get an email with your confirmation of your visa.

 Requirements for the UAE Online Visa for South Africans

South African nationals must present certain documents and information
to apply for the UAE eVisa.

  • A copy of your valid passport with an expiry date of at
    least 6 months after you arrive in the UAE.
  • Simply use the iVisa Digital Photo Service to upload an
    applicant photo.
  • A copy of your return flight ticket, with your travel dates.
  • Minor’s birth certificate (if relevant).
  • If you overstay your UAE visa, you may face legal
    consequences including a fine. Furthermore, it might be hard to apply for a UAE
    visa in the future.

South Africa visa Dubai South African passport

To apply for a visa to the United Arab Emirates online,
follow three simple steps. The visa application process will take no more than
15 minutes.

  • Fill out the visa application form with your personal
    information and information about your planned stay in the UAE. You are also
    prompted to select the processing time that best meets your needs at this
  • Second, double-check all of the submitted information to
    avoid any errors that could cause your UAE visa application to be delayed. Pay
    the visa charge using a credit or debit card if everything is okay.
  • Upload clear scans of all essential supporting papers in
    step three. Then you must submit your application.

You will receive an email confirming the approval of your
visa. We recommend that you print your visa confirmation before travelling to
the UAE and submit it to airport officials when asked.

Visa charges: How much does a South African visa to the UAE

The visa fee varies depending on the processing time you
select. We provide three types of processing:

  • Standard Processing: This is the least expensive option. You
    can get your UAE visa in 12 days for USD 208.99.
  • Rush processing: For a charge of USD 260.99, you can
    acquire the visa online in 10 days.
  • Super Rush Processing: This option takes 8 days for
    ultra-fast processing. It costs USD 318.99.

We recommend submitting your visa application at least one
week before your trip. The government charge is included in our service costs. 

When your visa is available, you will be notified by email and will be able to
explore the cities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and others.

The distinctions between the UAE visa and the Dubai visa

These two visas are identical. In truth, no official ‘Dubai
visa’ exists. You can utilize UAE visas to visit Dubai because it is one of the
cities in the UAE. You can apply and travel to Dubai by clicking here. The
“Dubai visa application” is the same as the UAE tourist visa

Travelling to the UAE With the eVisa From South Africa

South African citizens are eligible to utilize the eVisa to
enter South Africa immediately after it is issued. They must keep in mind that
their electronic visa will expire in two months. 

If they do not use it to enter
the nation within this time frame, they will be required to obtain a new one.

They must also affirm that they will arrive in the UAE via
the same airport listed on their visa application. To save time, once they
arrive, we recommend they go straight to the queues reserved for eVisa
passengers for visitors from South Africa.

To gain admission into the nation, they must present their
passport and printed eVisa to a border official.


Is a visa required for South Africans to visit Dubai?

South African passport holders require a visa to enter the
UAE. Fortunately, this guide walks you through the entire procedure. The
quickest way to obtain a UAE (Dubai) visa is to apply online through Emirates
or Etihad.

How much does a Dubai visa cost in South Africa?

What is the cost of a Dubai visa from South Africa? The
price of a Dubai visa from South Africa ranges from R1662 (AED 359) to R10422
(AED 2250), depending on the kind of visa.

How long can a South African stay in Dubai without a visa?

Their stay will be limited to 30 days. They will only need
to enter the country once. They will only enter the UAE through one of its
international airports.

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