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Full-face snowboard helmet

The importance of the helmet in snowboarding and skiing can’t be overemphasized, because the major part of the human body, the head, is protected by this helmet.

However, it is believed that the Protec helmet is the most accepted in snowboarding, which only a few may argue. But for the topic, I’m getting us covered with details on the full-face snowboard. 

The following are explained while exploring the topic deeper, such as full-face helmets, open-face helmets, and flip-up helmets.

What is an open-face helmet?

An open-face helmet lacks a fixed chin guard at the front and has a visor, but not all. The same open-face helmet covers or gives protection just to the eyes, having a helmet shell that runs down the jawline, while others don’t. 

An open helmet with the jaw line always provides a guide to the head and has less tendency to tip sideways. While other open-face helmets fall just up to the ears, this one offers less protection but looks somewhat smoother. 

At higher speeds, the helmet has the quality to lift a bit from the head. 

Moreover, the helmet is designed with different species that come as retro helmets and fashion helmets. 

Where by a retro helmet is a helmet with an old-fashioned appearance as they are often seen in old engines such as choppers and cafe racers. 

On the other hand, fashion helmets are beautiful helmets with matching colors worn by scooters, so they are also real fashion helmets.

Benefits of an open helmet

The benefit of an open helmet is based on the nature of its construction. Whereas its advantages are:

  1. Good visibility
  2. Less hot in summer
  3. Fits easily in a scooter
  4. Many (hip) variants

Disadvantages of an Open Helmet

The disadvantages of an open helmet include:

  1. Less protection
  2. C old in winter
  3. More noise at higher speeds

Recommend helmet for men

Full-face snowboard helmet

This is the best-designed helmet even though it has a weak area. It is a helmet that provides full or extra protection to the head using solid chin straps. 

Having a shell made from a single area, the helmet will then provide full protection from collision or falling. However, this type of helmet is available in different types. Depending on your choice. 

Its difference lies in the material of the outer shell, finish, comfort, and safety. Many full-face helmets come with a built-in sun visor, a removable inner lining, and extensive ventilation.

Meanwhile, most of the expensive segment has the full-face helmet, often white tunnel tested. Sporting helmets are often provided with aerodynamic slots and various spoilers to keep the head stable at higher speeds. 

With the full-face helmet, there is an installation of a Bluetooth communication system. And to get a perfect helmet, the mode of noise will tell, as it provides non-protrusion.

Note that using the full-face helmet for snowboarding can be safer than using it for skiing; this is the reason why it doesn’t favor skiing. 

  1. increased risk of spinal injury if a fall occurs.
  2. Full-face helmets have the potential to dig into the snow during a fall, which can pull your head forward or backward, causing spinal injuries.

If it is for skiing, going in search of a fitted helmet should be made for it.

Sandox helmet for snowboarders

Advantages of a full-face helmet

  1. Best protection
  2. Less cold in winter 
  3. Quiet
  4. Most aerodynamically

Disadvantages of an open helmet

The disadvantages of an open helmet include:

  1. A less large field of view
  2. It’s hot in summer.
  3. Does not always fit in scooter

Flip-face helmet

This is the combination of both the full and the open-face helmet, whereas, with a flip-up helmet as its name implies, you can flip it open by simply using the chin guard, which is attached to a hinge construction. 

It is often found among touring riders who regularly switch speeds and therefore would like to open their helmet. Just as the open-face helmet is in times of Bluetooth installation, so is the flip-face helmet.

With the double homologation or P/J approval, then tell the authentic use of the flip-face helmet. Any action that appears to be a flip but doesn’t have this approval doesn’t qualify to be used. 

Although it is possible to flip up the helmet using the chin guard as it is supposed to be used, Having the dismay area, which is the big wind deflector on top of your helmet, annoying higher. 

Another attribute of the flip-up helmet is that it has a chin guard that is completely folded. 

Advantages of a flip-up helmet

The advantage of a flip-up helmet includes

  1. Ease 
  2. More protection than an open-face helmet

3 helmets in 1

Disadvantages of a flip-up helmet

We consider the following a disadvantage of a flip-up helmet:

  1. Relatively heavy
  2. Less quiet than a full-face helmet

List of full-face helmets

Although the knowledge of what a full-face helmet have be explained earlier, having more insight in addition to its types and price is more important and advantageous as listed below:

  1. LITE HELMET – OUTRUN 21/22 cost $99.00
  2. LITE HELMET – MARINE 21/22 cost $79.00
  3. LITE HELMET – COMMANDER 21/22 cost $79.00
  4. RG1-DX HELMET – FRACTURE 21/22 cost $259.00
  5. RG1-DX HELMET – DISARRAY 21/22 cost $259.00
  6. RG1-DX HELMET – VANGUARD 21/22 cost $259.00
  7. RG1-DX HELMET – SMOKESCREEN 21/22 cost $259
  8. Ski-Doo New OEM Oxygen Helmet (Dot) Unisex Xl, cost $669
  9. Bell Bullitt Carbon Full-Face Helmet Matte Carbon Large Motorcycling cost $669
  10. Ski-Doo Oxygen Helmet Matte Black L (DOT) cost $669
  11. Sponsored

Retrospec Comstock Ski & Snowboard Helmet for Adults – Durable ABS Shell, Protective EPS Foam & 10 Cooling Vents – Adjustable Fit for Men & Women cost $ 98.04

  1. Bell SRT Modular Full-Face Helmet Matte Black 3X-Large Motorcycling cost $399
  2. Sweet Protection Trooper 2Vi MIPS cost $299.95
  3. Anon Oslo WaveCel cost $219.95
  4. Giro Tenaya Spherical – Women’s cost $ 249.95
  5. Giro Tor Spherical MIPS cost $249.95
  6. Smith Code MIPS cost $ 210
  7. Smith Nexus MIPS cost $325
  8. Giro Crue MIPS – Kids cost $ 94.95
  9. Oakley MOD 5 MIPS cost $ 260
  10. Smith Mirage MIPS – Women’s cost $140

In conclusion, the above are a few of the full-face helmets to note, and we expect you to make your choice from any of them.

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