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Can you surf while pregnant 

Can you surf while pregnant 

Many exercises are expected to be observed during pregnancy because they are more beneficial for pregnant women, but the main question is this: can a pregnant woman surf while pregnant? 

This answer is well answered in this article as I take you through it for a very good understanding of surfing while pregnant. 

“Surfing” is the swell of the sea that breaks upon the shore. Or the foam, splash, and sound of breaking waves. Given the definition, it is extremely beneficial to take a stroll through the benefits of surfing and the reasons why you can surf more as a pregnant woman.

These benefits include:

  • Paddling improves cardiovascular fitness. Hull and back strength derived from paddling and core strength derived from paddling. 
  • It is a great way to spend time outdoors and enjoy the natural environment.
  • Effective stress and tension relief
  • The body in general needs it, but it is never easy to surf, and to achieve its best, individuals are required to go through excessive training before taking part in such activities.

Can an individual surf while pregnant?

It is common knowledge that every woman loves to be a mother, and that is why they are mostly happy if they fall pregnant. During their pregnancy period, a lot will be required of them to keep themselves and the baby balanced and to make delivery easy. 

Now to the above question, surfing during pregnancy is not for everyone. Before you surf as a pregnant woman, read about your body nature, your body reaction, and how you could run the surfing board.

You should also seek advice from your doctor, midwife, and experienced people before jumping into it.

This is to avoid danger during the period, and sometimes, you are provided with the exact time to surf. Some during their three to four months of pregnancy, while others proceed to term but not to the closest time of delivery.

The main fact here is that a pregnant woman can surf, just as an overweight person does. You just need to get a bigger surfboard. If you can’t afford to construct your own, then borrow one. 

Other conditions required for a successful pregnancy include: 

Aside from renting a bigger surfing board for an easy surfing style, as said previously, check your condition at that moment if fit to surf or not. Always surf when you feel like it and not under pressure. 

Whatever you have to do to keep yourself surfing, you will. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be surfing the same waves as you did before, but if you can, that’s awesome, and if you don’t and opt for smaller waves, that’s great too. 

Just surf when you want to surf in the conditions you want to surf in. 

Avoid the busy, crowded beaches and opt for quieter beaches or times of the day. You don’t want to be dodging surfers in search of fun waves for you and your bump.

A quiet, mellow lineup is what you need. Plus, it’s not fair on the other surfers in the water, especially those learning. This will help you to run your surfing exercise properly. 

Avoid going alone to surf during this period. This is because you might end up in a space where someone’s assistance is needed more than ever before, like you trying to be carried by a wave or finding it hard to move from a certain direction. Mostly, it is good to surf with a friend for fun and excitement. 

Avoiding pushing yourself during surfing in such conditions means adding more external force than required when you feel you are tired and need to rest. Please, this will keep both you and your baby safe.

The minute you respond to your condition at that moment matters a lot and will keep you healthier. You must be sure you are fit for it before you take off. 

Last but not the least, wear a bump-on-board rash vest. This on you goes a long way to paving a safer way for you among other people surfing with you at that moment to avoid an accident or clash between the both of you.

However, if you find out that your body condition doesn’t need you to catch up with the waves at that moment, don’t be shy about obeying the call at that moment. 

Yes, you may be a professional at surfing before becoming pregnant, but that cannot be compared to when you are pregnant.

As said earlier, there are many conditions given by experts for a safe pregnancy and an easy delivery. Therefore, always obey the rules, and if avoiding surfing is included in such rules, stay aware of them.

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The Dangers of Surfing While Pregnant

As a result, medical personnel is all familiar with how the surfing sport is performed, and as a result, they have concluded that a risk exists. This involves anyone who insists on surfing during pregnancy.

This involves a high risk of abdominal trauma and that excessive exercise can lead to bleeding, problems with the cervix and placenta, ruptured membranes, and premature labor.

Of course, we should be aware of what happens during premature labor: the baby may live or die, and most of the time, babies of this type do not survive.

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The Benefits of Surfing During Pregnancy

Well, we have heard about how a professional surfer, Bethany Hamilton, surfed during the six months of her pregnancy and heard about her experience.

Many pregnant surfers believe that this is the best time to surf for about four reasons, including that competition from others is limited. Land activities aren’t as appealing. You surf to suit your body, not to please others.

As a pregnant woman with a child, you are cautious about what is in your stomach, which necessitates greater caution to be fully present. 

The absence of being in a queue because you are pregnant makes it easy for you to surf rather than go in a group or wait for your turn. 

You’re like someone learning to drive, and every other driver should be patient with you, or they’ll have a lot to answer for if they insist on seeing you like that at that moment. 

In conclusion to this, it is good to use during pregnancy if only you can go with the above conditions as stated.


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