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Can you snowboard while pregnant

Can you snowboaard while pregnant

Snowboarding or skiing, while you are pregnant, is not advisable at all, we did not say that is not good for you. The most important thing you have to do is to discuss it with your doctor before beginning any exercise while you are pregnant, especially the ones that carry some risks.

Especially for most women, depending on the activity and workout, most doctors urge them to remain as active as they were before they got pregnant. It does help you to feel alright while you are pregnant, but doing some work out can help to assemble you to have easy labor and good delivery. Although this kind of advice can change depending on the sport you are into.

You must know that sledding while you are pregnant comes with some regulations, same thing applies to snowboarding, if we place a safe bet snowboarding also have some restrictions, like skating on the ice during pregnancy and skiing while you are pregnant, the most fear is the impact you did not want to take a big fall or hit a tree while are you buying your winter sports and can you and your unborn baby.

Can you snowboard while pregnant 

Snowboarding is not an easy sport to do. Snowboarding will require good balance and high speeds, and if you are an amateur, you are not that used to all it involves. It will be best to sit this one out so as not to take the risk of hitting your colleagues or something or falling.

According to Romper’s blog, a doctor told the blog website management that you should most especially run away from snowboarding while pregnant if you have a past of confused pregnancies or you have been watched by your health care providers for a cervical problem or bleeding.

Another statement from Romper, even if you are pregnant is perfectly okay or healthy, this is the kind of a difficult activity you need to check with your health care provider about. With such snowboarding activity, while you are pregnant, you have an extra worry of placental abruption, preterm labor, and preterm premature rupture of the membranes [PPRM].

Risks of skiing while pregnant

In some aspects or another, let us tell the truth about it, skiing while you are pregnant is not approved by doctors. And ( ACOG ) include in their statement that skiing is one of the activities you shouldn’t go into, with some activities like horse riding and surfing, why, “because they will put you at an increased risk of getting injured” due to the chances of falling.

It is not a one size fits all suggestion, though. Maybe you are an avid skier trying your best to examine the pros and cons of proceeding with your special sport while you are pregnant or you got an invitation to hit the slopes with your companions when you are pregnant, your doctor may say you can continue with it, but if you need to get this into your mind that the certain risks to you and your unborn child,  you will have to keep this in your mind.

Collisions and falls

The greatest risk of snowboarding or skiing while you are pregnant is abdominal trauma. This happens when you crash into your companions when you are skiing on the mountain or when you fall on the icy slopes.

There are many points of view about when this kind of trauma is more likely to obstruct your pregnancy. Here are the things to analyze in each trimester. 

First trimester

Your unborn child is at a critical level of growth. There is the risk of miscarriage is greater while you are in the first trimester than in any other trimester stage, well some doctors will encourage you to skip taking any needless risks at this powerless point in pregnancy. At the same time, though, your unborn child will be so small that it’s incredibly protected inside your uterus, so there may be less risk that is involved with trauma in the beginning trimester as opposed to the third trimester.

Second trimester

They did not just call it a “sweet spot” for nothing, the second stage trimester of pregnancy is, for many people, the simplest. You just made it through the fragile and nausea-ridden first trimester, but just know that you are not yet in the waddling, “nothing fit me anymore” in the stage of the third.

You are still at risk of falling and collisions while skiing, of course, and there are a lot of aspects ( containing the degree of impact and where the trauma occurs ) that determine how likely such a catastrophe is to impair you or the baby. But all things being equal, the second stage of the trimester still has the shortest risk.

Third trimester

In the third trimester, you will have two things that will be working against you, your center of gravity and your baby’s development. In the third stage, your balance will be affected by the shifting load of your belly, and that could affect staying stable upright on your skis will be more difficult than before. This time your baby will be large, and while they are still pretty cushioned inside your abdomen, that layer of safety has gotten softer as your baby is bigger. At this point in pregnancy, a normal abdominal trauma could be triggering your placental abruption or even rupture your uterus’s Trusted source. 

What activities should you avoid when pregnant?

Whether snowboarding or skiing, they are kind of a sport or activities you need to think twice about it when you are pregnant. This are the certain sport that are best to be avoided by a pregnant women.


Exercises that make to lie down with your back for a long periods, especially after sixteen weeks of your pregnancy. The pressure of your not-so-little peanut can compress a significant artery, which can cause to fell fiant and sick.

Contact Sports 

Their are contact sport like rugby, judo, boxing and wrestling and others, these sport are best for pregnancy women to avoid.

Sea Diving 

This is why this sport is to be avoid by pregnancy women, the little one can’t take care of themselves against the pressure changes as you go into the water.


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