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Can you over scrape a snowboard

Can you over scrape a snowboard

For snowboarders or anyone else who enjoys the sport of snowboarding, you will know that waxing helps keep it running smoothly. You won’t get rid of an overwax on your snowboards. Regular waxing keeps the surface smooth, helps speed up the turns if necessary, and helps prevent the surface from scratching or rusting.

It may require some practice to become an expert at waxing. You can use more wax for longer-lasting results. The wax will be thinner, so it’ll move slowly and not cause any issues when attempting a race. To make wax thin, it is necessary to remove any excess wax.

How Often to Wax a Snowboard

As a seasoned snowboarder, the wax you apply to your snowboard will be rubbing off. So, therefore, it will make a lot of sense if you can wax your snowboard more often, because the more you use it, the more you need to wax the board. The real public rule of thumb is to wax your snowboard everything between 3 to 4 days of riding it. If you are a person with an aggressive rider putting in long hours, it can be reduced to 2 to 3 days.

The real question comes, how often can you wax your board, that can be determined by how frequently you go snowboarding. Does it make sense, if you are just going to snowboard for a short period in the season? You will need to wax your board at the beginning of the season.

Or you just go snowboarding once a week and just have fun around for a few hours, you will need to wax your snowboard about once a month. If you are out there many days each weekend, you will need to wax by month or once a week. Some things to consider are the terrain ( terrain peels off the wax more often than powder ) and how quickly you want to go. Applying more wax to your snowboard more often does help you strengthen your speed on the snow,

Is It Hard to Wax a Snowboard

Waxing a snowboard is not that hard, you can get better ( and sharper ) at it over time, however. There are some up-front costs and acquiring that goes into it, well. If you are a person that only goes snowboarding sometimes it may not be worth it to buy a waxing kit to be able to wax it yourself. If you make a plan to go out 3 to 4 this season, taking your snowboard to any local ski store can be easier than waxing it yourself. If you schedule yourself going snowboarding once a week or more than that, you might need to have the waxing kit at your home, because having it at home saves you time and money.

How to Wax a Snowboard at Home

Step 1

You will need to clean off any noticeable dirt and debris from the base or the other side of your board with a brush or rag. Many snowboarders will either loosen or remove their board bindings, as your snowboard will widen with the heat of the iron in step four.

Step 2

You will continue cleaning the base of your snowboard by mopping it down with rubbing alcohol or a base cleaner.

Step 3

You will have to heat your tuning iron and metal wax over your board. So make sure your iron is not smoking, if it does smoke, then you have to turn it down. Hold the wax and iron a few inches above your snowboard and enable the wax to fall in drops. You can also be creative with your own desired pattern, but the reason and the goal are to coat aree snowboard with drops of wax.

Step 4

Put your wax aside and move the iron gradually over to the base of the snowboard. The drop of the wax will melt as you shift the iron. The main goal here is to coat the entire underside of your snowboard with melted wax.

Step 5

Applying the scraper ( which is included in the tuning kit ), scrape off the surplus wax. You will scrape from the front to the back of the board. You can’t scrape off too much wax. While it may seem obvious to scrape all of the wax you just apply to your board. The main point of the wax is to cover the pores in the base of the snowboard to make it smooth, glide, and faster.  Do not think of it too much, you won’t discard the wax in the pores with your scraper. 

How To Know If Your Snowboard Still Has Too Much Wax

The wax you apply to your board is to help the snowboard to be able to glide across the snow. If you apply too much wax to your board, it will not give the result you want from the board and is difficult to move. 

The best way to find out if your board still has too much wax after scraping it is by the feeling and how the base looks. Let’s take an example, that edge should be pointed out so if you discover that they are too dry or it is dull then you will need to scrape some of the wax off.

You can also discover by how you board rides. It will be obvious in the speed of the snowboard and you will feel it now. it will have a dry feeling while riding and give much less responsive action than you are used to.

The tools needed to wax your snowboard 

Yes, you will need to make sure you have all the important tools. You can purchase your waxing kits that have all of these items, this can be a reasonable path if you don’t already have some of the essentials.

These are:

  • A waxing iron
  • A plastic wax scraper
  • An edge sharpener
  • Citrus-based and rag
  • A Screwdriver
  • Waxing brushes/buffer pads
  • A vacuum (this is not necessary but very handy for cleaning up pesky wax flakes)
  • A snowboard waxing tool kit
  • Waxing tool kit.

The biggest question about waxing your board at home is, can you use a regular cloth iron to get the thing you need to do on your snowboard? The answer is Yes, you can! Still, the iron can’t have steam holes, as the wax gets glued in these which makes it impossible to circulate the wax.

You also need to know that, after using the normal cloth iron to do the waxing on your snowboard, the iron can’t be used for cloth again. Thrift shops are nice areas to get less iron in a pinch. Having the right to the waxing will still be the best option and more profitable, as their temperature ranges are more compatible than clothes iron.

We also have 3 basic types of board waxing: all-temperature, high fluorocarbon, and temperature specific. If you are a person snowboarding every weekend or you are a person who rides numerous mountains with different temperatures, though all-temperature waxing is your companion, for some people who spend their time minding very cold temperatures often, a cold-weather method would be excellent. 

Warm weather waxing is good for spring riding. High fluorocarbon waxing is like regular snowboard waxing on steroids. This is the fastest and most costly type of waxing and is usually utilized for hardcore racers.




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